More than an LMS

Going beyond the Learning Management System.  Feature rich, easy but innovative. simple to use and effective is the goal


Go beyond the LMS. Import, index and deliver all types of content alongside your traditional learning


Simple to use, fully responsive, device agnostic authoring


Get off the ground quickly with a rich easily customisable content library ranging from health and safety to leadership training


Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

In todays noisy landscape of information overload it’s simply no longer effective to deliver a list of to-do’s and expect a user to extract and retain knowledge that will provide value to them and improve their on the Job performance.

Obviously those to-do’s still need to be accounted for but we need to provide a more diverse, bite size source of information and make that information more accessible than ever before and thus lower the barrier to discovery.

Course launch screen Central home screen Searching for topic

Content is KING and not just the authored stuff

While traditional elearning is still a powerful tool, i’t’s often too much, too costly and too cumbersome to be the right source of information at the right time all of the time. How often do we know there’s info our users need but not enough time or money in the budget to develop it as “elearning”
With Central we can deliver the information instantly online as a first class citizen right from the source. Video, Articles, Pages on your intranet, News sites, Quizzes, ELearning, Face to face booking all from one simple to use familiar interface.


Kando central not only supports any industry standard elearning package but can also enhance them with insights, equivelance and adaptive paths so you don’t have to force users to complete lengthy packages to prove understanding/compliance.

Content tagging means related content of any type can sit right on the same screen as your elearning as related items.


Paste in a link to any site and Kando Central will automatically extract relevant information such as cover images, titles and descriptions and embed that content in the optimal format so you can deliver, index and track it like any other learning item.

You can also include quizzes, insights and all the simple to use enhancements Kando Central can apply to any content.


User or trainer driven custom forms with all the normal fields and file upload options.  Great for tracking on the job training or anything that happens offline.

Form results can be reviewed and workflows attached for managers to approve the form submissions and commit the completion to the users achievements.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to turn a dry flat document into fancy elearning in the name of engagement. A simple document can be equally as engaging and faster to consume. So we’ve included a full document editor with version control, history and the ability to add simple customisable confirmation buttons (to indicate/comfirm understanding).


Short sharp bite size pieces of information that can be attached to any content and indexed for easy discovery. Ideal when you just want to know how to do a task or what something means without the time investment of browsing a full course, document or video.

For example if you search for the term “lifting” you are then presented with the 7 steps to lift a heavy object accompanied with related videos and elearning.


Quickly build standalone quizzes that can be attached to any content to prove or guage understanding.

Quizzes can also be set to override completion of the attached content so you can give your users a truly adaptive path 

More than just a platform

What else can we do for you

Interaction Training boasts well over 20 years in the elearning industry and everything we provide is built in house here in Australia. We are a development company first who love to build cool stuff. We are here to support your needs all the way from implementation to customisation.


Seamless HR integration. You name it we’ve integrated it. 


We can provide single sign on to any identity management system


Our content team is available to support and gap fill when you need help on your content projects. 


Self enrolment for external users. We’ve got you covered


If you have requirements outside of the norm we build everything in house here in Australia so everything can be customised.


3rd Party content not tracking as you expect. Let our experts take a look.

New off the shelf courses

We’re constantly expanding our off the shelf library to give you a ready to go customisable starting point for any topic

Asbestos Awareness

This course is designed to assist you in understanding policies and procedures regarding the safe handling and disposing of Asbestos.

Positive and Productive Workplace

In this course, we focus on the fundamental and legal right to work in an environment that is free of unlawful bullying and harassment.

Safe driving

The goal of this course is to encourage those who work with vehicles to consider work health and safety practices in their workplace and to put into place measures to help ensure they arrive home safely every day.

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